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Tired of relying on outdated systems to monitor the security of your premises? Wanting to have more control and prompt security services?

How It Works

Robust security sensor makes security functional 
and aesthetically pleasing

  • Seamless Installation & Integration

    • There’s no need for wires that run throughout your home
    • Device can be easily repositioned around the home
  • Increased Battery Life

    • Low device power consumption ensures a 7 year battery life
  • High Precision motion sensing

    • Microwave Doppler sensor offers lower probability of false alarms
    • 7m range

Technical Features

  • Motion sensing

    • Uses microwave based motion sensing technology that can penetrate walls and with a range of between 5-10 meters.
    • It is an alternative to PIR sensors that require line of sight and can not see through obstacles
    • 4V-28V input voltage
  • Wireless communications

    • LoRaWAN support at both 868MHz and 433MHz
    • BLE4 and 6LoWPAN support
    • MQTT messaging over 6LoWPAN
  • Platform Support

    • MQTT messaging to Android / iOS
  • Dashboard Support

    • Customisable dashboard and monitoring engine
  • Mobile Support

    • Arm / Disarm and view alarm status on both Android and iOS

Technical Specifications

  • MCU Sleep mode w/ RAM retention

    • 0.7µA
  • MCU Sleep w/ wake on RTC

    • 1.9 µA
  • BLE TX

    • 5.3mA peak
  • BLE RX

    • 5.4mA peak
  • MCU running from flash

    • 58 µA / MHz
  • MCU running from RAM

    • 51 µA / MHz
  • LoRa TX

    • 87mA (+17dBm)
  • LoRa RX 1

    • 2.0 mA typical
  • SX1276 sleep

    • 0.2 µA typical, 1µA peak
  • SX1276 standby mode

    • 1.6mA typical
  • Power supply 4.2V (for RCWL-0516 board)

    • 10µA
  • Power supply for 3.3V (for EE-02)

    • 10uA
  • RCWL-board approx

    • 2.57mA

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